Saving The Seas

On assignment for World Wildlife Fund WWF

Turtle Protection Program run by the World Wildlife Fund WWF and World Worldlife Fund Kenya in partner with Kenya Wildlife Service KWS in and around Kiunga Marine National Reserve near the Kenya-Somali border. This area of 270 square kilometers (100 sq. mi) has around 50 islands and coral reefs forming the Lamu Archipelago. The relatively pristine and isolated Kiunga beaches provide key refuge and nesting ground for marine turtles in Kenya where WWF and KWS work with and the local community with village saving and loans groups to find ways to protect these nests.  Each year over 11,000 hatchlings emerge and enter the sea. The WWF marine turtle conservation project now has at least 5 satellite tracking devices on turtles which can be tracked online here.

Follow the progress of the turtles at this link:

Camera Body
Canon 5Ds
Canon 24-105 lens
Kiunga Marine National Reserve, Kenya