Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

If you’ve done any research into setting up a website, you’ve probably heard the term ‘Responsive Web Design’. What does this mean, and how does it effect your business?

The Importance of a Responsive Design

According to a, the percentage of all web pages served to mobile phones in 2018 is around 52%. In other words, more than half your audience will be viewing your website from their phone. A responsive design ensures that your web page looks great across all devices, without the need for complicated redirects and multiple sub-domains.

People also interact with their phone differently to a laptop or desk top. Instead of using a mouse, they use their fingers. They expect to be able to click on a phone number and be automatically given the option to place a call. Similarly, the address of a business should automatically open the devices GPS.

Responsive design takes all of these things into account, and ensures that the user experience is optimized for all possible viewing ports.

The Benefits of a Responsive Web Design

1. Better User Experience

A responsive design will improve the layout and readability on all devices, resulting in a better experience for your visitors, and a positive perception of your business. Statistics show that on average, internet users have a very low tolerance for a design that is difficult to navigate. If your site looks good everywhere, you will retain more visitors and increase the chance of lead conversion.

2. Google SEO Ranking

Everyone wants their site to rank 1st on Google for their chosen key words, and a responsive design is one of the criteria that Google looks for when ranking your page. In other words, Google gives preference to sites that look good across all platforms.

3. Only One Site

In the past, designers would need to have multiple sites to accommodate for mobile devices. Now, only one site is designed, and a whole bunch of background technical stuff takes care of the layout on all devices.

4. Easier Editing

Having only one site design means that any editing only needs to happen once. This reduces the time spent changing details on your site, and makes it more cost effective for the client.

The Cost of Responsive Web Design

Nothing! Zero! Nada!

If your web designer is charging you extra to make your site responsive, then find someone else. All good Content Management Systems (WordPress,, etc.) all come with themes that are responsive out the box. The amount of work needed to make a site responsive is a lot less than it ever has been. That is why most web designers include this feature as a standard in all their packages.

However, the cost of NOT having a responsive design can be devastating for your business. There are many ways to check what your site looks like on different devices. is a great tool to see what your page looks like across various devices for free.

At Rusty Studios, responsive design is a standard across all projects. Contact us about your responsive website design.

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